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Bird Rock Tropicals

  • Owner
    Pam Koide and Wayne Schuster
  • Address
    6585 Black Rail Rd
  • Address2
    N / A
  • City
  • County
    San Diego
  • Zip
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  • Directions

    Please follow these directions, as Black Rail Road is a new street and is not on most maps: Take I-5 to Poinsettia Lane and go east. Take Poinsettia Lane east until it ends at Black Rail Road, and turn right onto Black Rail Road. Make the first right turn onto an unnamed dirt road. We are at the end of the dirt road, about 1000 ft.

  • Hours
    Mon - Sat 9-4
  • Primary Ag Business
    N / A
  • Primary Ag Business--Other
    N / A
  • Farm or ranch acreage
    N / A
  • Activities
    N / A
  • Products

    Orchid birds and species, bromeliads

  • Events

    See web site for events.

  • Accommodations
    N / A
  • Direct Agricultural Sales
    • on-farm sales
  • Educational Experience
    N / A
  • Entertainment
    N / A
  • Outdoor Recreation
    N / A
  • Miscellaneous
    N / A