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Basilwood Farm

  • Owner
    Kim & Jill Spruance
  • Address
    15759 Morgan Canyon Road
  • Address2
    N / A
  • City
  • County
  • Zip
  • email
  • Phone
    (559) 332-3276
  • Directions

    Head East on CA 168 out of Fresno/Clovis in the Central Valley. 11.2 miles east of the Academy/168 intersection on the right.  Look for the Basilwood Farm sign.

  • Hours
    Tuesday/Thursday 10-2, Saturdays 10-3
  • Primary Ag Business
    • dairy operation (cows
    • sheep
    • goats
    • others)
  • Primary Ag Business--Other

    Goat Milk Soap Farm

  • Farm or ranch acreage
    5 acres
  • Activities

    During a visit to Basilwood, you can meet the goats who contribute to our Luxe goat milk soap & body products, tour The Soap Room, shop at The Farm Store and meet the rest of the critters & family who live here in Basilwood. Book a private cheese-making class or sign up for a Wooie workshop.

  • Products

    Luxe Goat's Milk soap made from our own raw goat's milk, goat's milk lotion, goat's milk bath bombs, body butters, sugar/salt scrubs, pasture-fed farm fresh eggs (when available)

  • Events

    Basilwood has seasonal "Bubbles Bashes" where new products are launched, goodies are served, extended tours given, and a generally all-around good time is had by all. Check for dates on website.

  • Accommodations
    N / A
  • Direct Agricultural Sales
    • agriculture-related gifts/crafts
    • meat
    • poultry
    • eggs
    • animal products
  • Educational Experience
    • classes or workshops
    • farm tours
    • lecture/presentation
    • school or youth tours
  • Entertainment
    • special events
  • Outdoor Recreation
    • photography
  • Miscellaneous
    N / A