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West Sacramento Urban Farm Program

  • Owner
    Center for Land-Based Learning
  • Address
    400 Garden St
  • Address2
    Unit 108
  • City
    West Sacramento
  • County
  • Zip
  • email
  • Phone
  • Directions
    N / A
  • Hours
    N / A
  • Primary Ag Business
    • Other (please explain below)
  • Primary Ag Business--Other

    We are an urban beginning farmer business incubator.

  • Farm or ranch acreage
    7 over five farm sites
  • Activities

    We do weekly on-site farm stands, you-pick events, urban farm bike tours, field trips, private tours, workdays on the farm, special events, tastings and volunteer opportunities

  • Products

    A wide variety of sustainably grown fresh veggies, melons, flowers and herbs. Everything from heirloom tomatoes to zuchinni, carrots and melons can be found at our farm stands as the seasons change.

  • Events

    Watch out for our July Urban Farm Bike Tour!
    This tour is family friendly, covers ten miles of flat road and is open to the public. Meet your local farmers, taste some incredible produce

  • Accommodations
    N / A
  • Direct Agricultural Sales
    • U-pick
  • Educational Experience
    • agricultural technical tours
    • classes or workshops
    • farm tours
    • participatory experience
    • school or youth tours
  • Entertainment
    • special events
  • Outdoor Recreation
    • photography
  • Miscellaneous
    N / A