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Kitchen Table Tour - Alameda County

Date: July 22, 2017

Time: 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM


Sponsor: Kitchen Table Advisors/Namu Farm

Location: Namu Farm Sunol Ag Park 505 Paloma Way Sunol, CA 94586

Event Details

In an effort to connect with you, our donors, volunteers and champions, and give you an insider’s glimpse into what we do, Kitchen Table Advisors is hosting farm tours in different regions across the greater Bay Area throughout Summer 2017. Over light fare, connect with like-minded people to learn how you can grow our Kitchen Table Advisors community and support the long-term economic viability of sustainable small farms.

namu farm
Several years ago, Kristyn Leach, a former cook at Oakland’s Camino Restaurant, began farming a small lettuce farm in Alameda County’s Sunol AgPark. At the same time Dennis, David and Daniel Lee, the Korean American brothers behind Namu in San Francisco, were on the hunt for Korean perilla (also known as shiso). Kristyn happened to be farming perilla, and to share in the Lee brothers’ passion for Asian crops, at a time when they were looking to start a farm to supply their business. Together, they started Namu Farm.

Kristyn initially obtained most of the seeds for the farm from the Lee brothers’ mother, who in turn brings them back from her hometown in Korea. She later began partnering with the Oakland-based Kitazawa Seed Co., the oldest seed company in America, which specializes in Asian varieties. For Kristyn, seeds have become an integral part of not only her present livelihood, but a means of preserving her past and her Korean culture.

Namu Farm grew from Kristyn’s initial small plot to a one-acre farm in Sunol Ag Park, 18 acres of farmland in Alameda County managed by Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE) in partnership with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, with the aim of fostering sustainable farming and public education.

Tour cost: $40

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About Kitchen Table Advisor Farm Tours

The relationships we build with farmers, eaters, producers, and the land are essential to our work at Kitchen Table Advisors. Through this farm tour, we aim to:

1. Connect our community with our clients. In hearing the story of each of these businesses, the support Kitchen Table Advisors has provided and the impact we can all continue to make in their long-term economic viability. We are a farm-centric organization.
2. Connect with you directly. Nothing can replace the value of spending time with each of you, in person. People are our most valuable asset; whether you are an old friend of Kitchen Table Advisors, or newly invited to our community, we want to share this time with you.
3. Connect with the land our food comes from. Which is why we always have an incredible lunch, sourced from the farm and prepared by a local chef.

Thank you for all you do, we hope to see you soon!

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