For artists: August Farm Visit - Yolo County
Neilson Farms, Woodland, CA 31489 County Road 19 Woodland, CA 95695 ,
Sponsor: Yolo Arts/Art & Ag

Dear Artists and Supporters,

This month we visit a farm more than a mile from the county road that features a visually rich variety of historic buildings.

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Driving down the gravel road off of County Road 19, you will travel past safflower fields and through an almond orchard. After a left hand turn at Adams Canal, you will end up at Neilson Farms, tucked away in a quiet corner of Woodland. The nearest neighbor is a mile away – which suits owner, Jim Neilson, just fine. "It's the quiet and peacefulness here that I have always liked."

Jim grew up on this farm. His grandparents moved here in 1927 from Zamora. Ninety years ago his mother was born here in a house built by his grandfather. Jim has managed and lived on the property since 1986, and lives with his wife Carol in the house he built himself out of cedar wood and planks.

Originally a livestock ranch, the farm now features a collection of buildings that span the family’s five generations on the land. There is the sheep barn, hog barn, truck barn, the old chicken coop and hay barn. Also on the property is a workshop, and bunk house, which was originally a one-room school house moved onto the property in the early 1900s.

The sheep and cattle are long gone but Jim continues to raise 70 pigs, which he sells locally, and shows at the county fair.

Much of the 700-acre property is now leased out and features wheat, onions, nursery grapes and olives. He also retains a few areas of specialty crops including an acre of agave and five acres of pomegranates. "The pomegranates were a favorite of my grandmother. My mother still makes jelly every year and sells it at St. Johns Retirement Center.”

He looks out over the property and the many historic buildings and talks about living on his land. “I love it, it's the only thing I've ever wanted to do."



08/22/19 8:00am - 08/22/19 12:00pm

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